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The Hierarchy of Dog Needs

We are excited to be taking about a new topic each month this year. This month: The Hierarchy of Dog Needs.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, we will start there. There are 5 tiers to the hierarchy, each resting on the other.

The most important tier is the bottom one: Biological. Ensuring your dog's biological needs are met is always the number one priority when taking care of your dog. Grooming is included in there, believe it or not!

The second tier is Emotional needs. This encompasses aspects like trust, love, and security. Emotional needs are supplied through unconditional love and mutual respect.

The third tier is Social needs. It is important to socialize your dog with people and canines outside of your home to prevent on-leash aggression or reactive responses. The Dog Loft Inc. is perfectly designed to meet your dog's social needs.

The fourth tier is Force-Free Training -- this is the backbone in The Dog Loft Inc.'s policies and procedures. Positive training is always the most effective way to promote learning and respect with your canine companion.

The final tier is Cognitive needs. This is offered through stimulation that challenges your dog's thinking. For example, brain games and snuffle mats are perfect ways to challenge your canine! The Dog Loft Inc. offers add-ons that stimulate your dog's cognitive needs, as well as retail for home-use so you can offer it daily.

We hope you find this interesting!

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