In July, this sweet gentle soul got attacked in the back lane.  We are so thankful that this horrible incident didn’t dim his shine!  Once he recovered, his wonderful momma booked him in for a spa day and our lovely groomers, Leslie and Melody, treated him to a morning of pampering while the rest of the PPIO team all chipped in and spoiled him with a bag full of treats and bones!  Thank you for letting us love on you Oreo!  You deserve it after all you have been through!


Jax had a rough couple months with 2 TPLO surgeries, but he’s a trooper and pulled through!  A very kind person submitted him for the project and we decided to put together a care package full of puzzle toys, treats, and chews to help keep his brain busy while he was on restricted activity.  We hope you enjoy the package and heal up fast Jax!


Everyone meet Sully!  This handsome man is a hero.  He was out for a walk when he started pulling his mom off the trail.  She thought that he was trying to play, but actually he was leading her to an unconscious man.  An elderly man had fallen and was in the snow, and thanks to Sully’s skilled snoot, his mom was able to get some help!  He really is a hero and we thought that he deserved some recognition.  He came to The Loft and was so happy to see everyone, and we were so happy to see him!  We hope you enjoy the new bed and the toys, and we hope you display your plaque with pride!


This is Cooter!  He was running around his backyard, when he had been attacked and stabbed in the nose by an intruder.  He was rushed to the vet, and received stitches.  Today, they caught the man that hurt this sweet gentle giant, so we decided to surprise him and spoil him with a gift basket!  We had the privilege of meeting Cooter, and all we can say is he made our hearts melt!  He’s such a loving, smart, and polite gentleman of a dog!  Everyone at The Dog Loft wishes you a super speedy recovery Cooter, Keep that tail wagging!