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GROOMING: Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I book a grooming appointment?

  • To book a groom at our 245 Marion Street location, you can either call us at 204-233-3828 or e-mail us at

  • To book at our Grant Park Animal Hospital location, you can call 204-477-8600 or you can text 431-588-4927

2. Do you groom cats?

  • We do not groom cats at our Marion Street location; however, our grooming salon at the Grant Park Animal Hospital does!

3. Who are your groomers and what certifications do they have?

  • Lucille - 14 years experience

    • Certified creative groomer of Hershey Groom Expo 

    • Frequent grooming education seminar attendee

    • Certified in Pet First Aid

  • Melody - __________ years experience

    • Certified in Pet First Aid

4. What do the grooming certifications stand for?

  • CPPS = Canadian Professional Pet Stylist Association

  • PPGAM = Professional Pet Groomers Association of Manitoba

  • AAPGAA = Apex Academy of Professional Grooming & Animal Arts

5. How often should I get my dog's nails trimmed?

  • At the bare minimum, your dog's nails should be trimmed once a month.

    • overgrown nails can cause serious joint pain if not maintained or lead to ingrown nails, resulting in expense veterinary bills.​

  • Check out our "Nailed It" package to help keep your dog's nails trimmed all year long​

6. How long should I expect my dog to stay for his grooming appointment?

  • You should plan for your dog to be in our care for 5 hours maximum from the booked appointment time. You are always welcome to drop off before your designated appointment time; however your dog will not be started until their time. We can either call you upon completion of the groom or you can designate a pick-up time after the 5-hour window.

  • If you purchase our Express Groom add-on service, your dog's grooming experience will be completed in under 3 hours. This add-on must be scheduled in advance.

7. How far in advance do I need to book?

  • Depending on the season and time of year, we generally book about 1 week in advance. It is always best to call ahead as sometimes we can book them in earlier, whereas other times it may be 2 weeks. 

  • If by chance we are fully booked on your desired day, we can add you to our cancellation list in case an appointment opens up. 

8. My dog has been turned away by previous groomers due to behaviour; can I still book an appointment?

  • You can book an appointment with us but it is best to be honest up front so we can prepare for a dog that requires some extra time. By giving us all the information ahead of time, we can start on a game plan to make your dog's grooming experience positive and stress-free. 

  • Our groomer Dallas specializes in difficult dogs or dogs that require some education in grooming manners. He is available on Wednesday from 9am to 4pm to complete Desensitizing Grooms. This service is specifically tailored to dogs that require extra attention, time, and understanding in order to safely complete their grooming.

  • Please note that we do not offer sedation grooming. When required, please know that a basket muzzle may be used for the safety and well-being of everyone involved. We will always let you know if a muzzle was required.

9. Will I be informed of any additional fees prior to being charged?


  • We will always contact you before charging any additional fees greater than $20. If we determine that fees will be over $20, the groom will be stopped and we will contact you for approval before proceeding. If by chance we are unable to contact you, we will wait 30 minutes for you to return our message before proceeding with the grooming service and so what is in the best interest of your dog.


10. My dog does not like other dogs; can you still groom them?

  • Yes we can! But please let us know at the time of booking so we can reserve a quiet, separate space for them. We will call you upon completion of the groom and ask that you are available to pick-up within an hour of that call. Though your dog is kept separate, they can still hear and smell other dogs when could be a stressful situation for a dog whose not a fan of others.


11. Can I stay and watch my dog get groomed?

  • Nope - safety first. Simply put, most dogs are better behaved when mom or dad are gone. With sharp tools and blades being used, we need your dog's full attention during the grooming process. 

  • However, if you are interested in seeing the behind the scenes, we offer The Salon Experience package add-on. For $20 more, you will receive a set of photos from each stage of the grooming process to see your dog enjoying their spaw day.

12. My dog has never been groomed and I don't know where to start.

  • The best place to start is by contacting us. Though we are unable to give quotes over the phone or e-mail, we can gladly provide more information on our services and our recommendations. If you are unsure about their coat condition, you can complete an in-person assessment with one of our groomers. 

13. What if I am unhappy with the groom? Can we fix it?

  • If you find yourself unhappy with anything related to your dog's grooming experience, we sincerely want to hear from you so we can make things right. The feedback you provide us allows us opportunity to improve as a business, learn as a team, and educate ourselves on how to better serve you.

  • If the hair style is not what you wanted or expected, please let us know and allow us the chance to fix it up. We will schedule you in for a "Fix Up" appointment the best suites you. We keep detailed notes on each groom your dog receives and allows us to keep track of what you don't like. 

  • If there are other aspects of the groom that you are not happy with, please call or e-mail to request to speak to our Salon Managers (Nikki or Carly) so they can come up with a solution that best suits your situation.

14. Do you offer any perks or discounts for grooming?

  • We do - we have two programs available for discounts in our grooming department. 

  • Prime Dog Discount Program: if you return for grooming between 6 - 2 weeks from your last appointment, you will receive a discount of increasing value. 

  • Loyalty Card Program: collect a stamp every time you bring your dog for grooming and receive the 10th groom completely FREE!

15. Can you express my dog's anal glands?

  • As much as we would love to help, we are legally not allowed to perform this service, as it is considered a medical procedure. 

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