April 2018 I went to sprint of hope rescue to pick a puppy! We had just moved into a house and the first thing we wanted was a dog to love and save. What we didn’t know is we would rescue not 1 but 2 puppy’s that day. Sisters!!

Sky and Stormy we got there to pick them up and all the puppy’s where running around playing and my two where in the corner Stormy sleeping on sky and we knew it was meant to be.

Since then these 2 have brought so much joy to our lives. We can’t imagine our lives without them.

3 months ago some things changed. Sky started to limp. We took her to vet and they gave us pain meds and hoped in a few weeks she would be ok. Well weeks went by and she got worse. So X-rays was the next step. We found out Sky had torn both her CCLs in both legs and has arthritis starting in both hips we were devastated. We knew we had to do anything in our power to help her get her life back!

Sky goes for her first ccl surgery aug 6th and second is to be determined. skys is very active she loves playing ball and has a little obsession with hockey sticks! I hit the ball with hockey stick and she brings it back this was her favourite. Unfortunately skys life has changed we now play ball while she’s lying down she can’t run anymore. Sky is also very stubborn and very needy haha we love it! We can’t even watch movies anymore cause if we aren’t looking at her or paying to her attention she barks and wines at us. She has quite the personality. The amount of laughs we get from her brightens our day everyday.

She’s huge 116 lbs and sleeps in our beds takes up the whole couch and thinks she’s a lap dog! She’s a big baby. We want our girl back to living her fullest life. And can’t wait for this to be behind us.     Carley