Paws Pass It On




Kooper is a rescue dog who came from a bad environment. At first Kooper was afraid of me, his tail tucked between his legs, ears down and very timid towards me. He quickly grew to love me, and I did the same. It was like taking in a sick dog and turning him into a beautiful well-respected dog. Kooper likes chasing rabbits and quite often, is very obedient. Kooper's best friend is a cat named Dublin. Dublin was adopted by our neighbours but is always there for Kooper!

In August 2020 I took my sweet boy Kooper for a walk to Lord Roberts Community Center. I was able to let him off the leash to play fetch. As soon as Kooper was off the leash he took off to which I then realized he was chasing a rabbit. I got quite worried when I was calling his name and I couldn’t hear his dog tags. Shortly after Kooper came running back and to my surprise I saw a big gash which was 2 feet long and 8 inches wide. Kooper is known to try and hop over any fence he has in sight; keep in mind he is only 2 feet tall. When there is a rabbit involved no fence is too high to try. Thankfully we got Kooper to the vet and he received the treatment needed to heal properly. I’m hopeful Kooper has learnt his lesson and we have many more years together.